Frank Moffatt: On Having an 11-month-old - and Then Triplets!

My guest is Frank Moffatt, who discusses (among other things) having an 11-month-old baby - and then adding triplets. All four boys grew up to become the international hit "boy band" The Moffatts. (See below for more about Frank).

This series of videos was created to offer hope and inspiration to those who are struggling. Listen to the many stories of others who have come through a wide range of obstacles and traumatic experiences, and who can share their best tips on how you can get through yours, too.

Original music by Marius Blegeberg 

Voice-overs by Mark Alyn - of Late Night Health, Top Rated Syndicated Radio Show, LA California

FRANK MOFFATT: The man who gets things done!
Frank Moffatt is an International Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Coach, Artist Manager, TV writer, Songwriter, Music Producer, and Movie Producer. Frank has spoken in over 15 countries around the world, including the main stage at the 2013 Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF).

In years past, Frank managed his four sons “The Moffatts” to international music stardom, has dined with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors, and Sultans, has travelled to over 60 countries, managed the world’s largest English teacher training company (TEFL International) and coached numerous youth sports teams to regional, provincial and national championships. Frank lives by his mantra - Live ~ Learn ~ Laugh ~ Love ~ Lead - and keep smiling!

"Your Second Fifty ~ Rising Above the Myths of Aging" is a documentary that will educate and inspire those in their second fifty years to believe it's possible to live their remaining years positively, productively, and to be healthy and happy. The documentary clarifies how myths and limiting beliefs affect our health and happiness and prevent us from reaching our true potential within each of our five dimensions: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial and Spiritual.

Guests include: Dr. Bruce Lipton, David Wolfe, Bob Proctor, Dr. John DeMartini, Dr. Daniel Amen, Aurora Winter, Dr. Fab Mancini, Gary M. Douglas, Morgana Rae, Dr. Eric Plasker, Valerie Sheppard, Dr Ron Brown, Sheevaun Moran and Dr. Terry Rondberg - to name a few! Another of Frank's passions: Play at Creation

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