Charmaine Hammond: Surviving A Life-Threatening Sailing Accident

My guest is the lovely Charmaine Hammond (bio/info below). Many years ago, she survived a terrifying sailing accident and near-drowning experience. Listen to her powerful story and find out what got her through those gruelling hours in frigid water...

This series of videos was created to offer hope and inspiration to those who are struggling.  Listen to the many stories of others who have come through a wide range of obstacles and traumatic experiences, and who can share their best tips on how you can get through yours, too.

Original music by Marius Blegeberg
Voice-overs by Mark Alyn of Late Night Health, Top Rated Syndicated Radio Show LA California

Charmaine Hammond has been in the business of transforming lives and raising dreams for more than 25 years. This former Correctional Officer (yup!  She worked in jails) and Corporate Dispute Resolution Expert now travels the world teaching the principles of collaboration, partnership and sponsorship.  Collaboration has always been a foundation in Charmaine's business and the projects she gets behind.
As a bestselling author (of five books and is featured in six others), and CSP™ Certified Speaking Professional she has had tremendous success in finding corporate sponsors to fund her speaking and book projects/events/tours including her printing, graphic design, venues, travel, media, technology, hotels, even  her pet food and dog poop bags! She has developed sponsorship relationships with more than 40 sponsors and 60 business partners.
Her recent speaking and book tour, Million Acts of Kindness, involved a 14,000 KM tour in a 32-foot sponsored motor home, hotels sponsored for the team, and more than 40 businesses and retail chains raising funds in their stores/businesses to support  this movement…..  A Million Acts of Kindness.


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