Lisa Winston: Surviving Cancer, Wildfire, Abuse, and More...

My guest on this episode is Lisa Winston, who has survived childhood molestation, rape, abuse, breast cancer, losing everything to wildfire - and more. See below for more about Lisa!

This series of videos was created to offer hope and inspiration to those who are struggling. Listen to the many stories of others who have come through a wide range of obstacles and traumatic experiences, and who can share their best tips on how you can get through yours, too.

Original music by Marius Blegeberg

Voice-overs by Mark Alyn of Late Night Health, Top Rated Syndicated Radio Show, LA California

Lisa Winston’s love of singing led her to a professional musical career that has spanned 40 years. She’s also a speaker, teacher, best-selling author, artist, life coach and mom. Five years after a breast cancer diagnosis and losing her home to wildfire, Lisa knew it was time to change the course of her life in order to pursue her soul path.

Today, her Quantum Success coaching programs, summits and trainings are transforming lives.

Although Lisa works with women of all ages, she loves to support Goddesses over 50, who are ready to break free from the wounds of the past and make their mark on the world.  It’s her honour and joy to be a catalyst to powerfully move women forward in creating lives that are fulfilling, unapologetic, authentic and on purpose.  


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