Tina Thrussell: Surviving Extreme Adrenal Fatigue...and a Long Recovery

My guest is Tina Thrussell, who drove herself into an extreme state of full-blown adrenal fatigue several years ago and struggled through a long recovery (more about Tina below).

This series of videos was created to offer hope and inspiration to those who are struggling. Listen to the many stories of others who have come through a wide range of obstacles and traumatic experiences, and who can share their best tips on how you can get through yours, too.

Original music by Marius Blegeberg
Voice-overs by Mark Alyn of Late Night Health, Top Rated Syndicated Radio Show LA California

Tina Thrussell is a co-founder of the Shin Dao Institute. Since the early 2000s, Tina has been offering people uplifting inspiration and sacred space for personal transformation as a Speaker and Facilitator (of seminars, workshops, retreats, and healing sessions). She has also been in service as a Nia Teacher; Writer/Editor; Mindfulness Trainer; a Personal Coach; a Quest Master; a Master Hugger and Lover of Life!

While her positive energy and contagious enthusiasm have earned her the reputation as The Feel Good Lady, Tina didn’t always feel so good herself. As a classic Type A personality, she drove herself into exhaustion and full blown adrenal fatigue several years ago. Her long road to joyful recovery encompassed a holistic overhaul of every aspect of her life... and in this interview, she shares her journey and offers suggestions to help you find peace and a sense of balance in your life.

Tina Thrussell,
The Feel Good Lady creating feel good experiences,
Woman Who Dances with Light facilitating safe and sacred space for growth and healing

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