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Editing services

My specialties are working with those people who want to share their inspiring stories of hope, and with indie authors who write fiction.

Every good author knows that it is essential to have another pair of eyes take a professional look at a manuscript before publishing. It's impossible to catch all of our own mistakes or typos, or those unwitting grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.

It can also be useful to have a fresh perspective to help you be more descriptive or to notice inconsistencies or other content errors that you might miss because you're too close to the project.

I've been editing since 1981 and as an award-winning author, I'm a stickler for editing detail!

Whether you need a little proofreading for those quick and easy little typos and other minor errors, or something more substantial up to and including content editing, click here to get in touch and let's see how I can be of support in getting your manuscript out there!