Not a writer? Need someone to tell your story?

You might have the most exciting, uplifting, hair-raising, inspiring story on the planet. And you might be able to tell it well when speaking.

But writing is a whole other matter. It doesn't take readers very long to decide whether or not they want to give an author any of their time. Often, they decide within the first page - or the first few at most. If they aren't hooked and drawn in immediately, or if it's excessively wordy and weighty, they'll put the book down and they won't pick it up again. 

It takes years to develop the craft of storytelling and to learn to write powerfully and to elicit the desired responses from readers.

My speciality is in writing highly descriptive and compelling stories that move readers through your angst and your pain, your tears and your healing. They'll burn through the pages, turning one after another as they experience the rollercoaster of your emotions.

They'll laugh with you and they'll cry with you as your journey unfolds before their very eyes until finally, they rejoice with you when you reach your moment of triumph.

If you've got a heart-wrenching, uplifting, inspiring story that the worlds needs to hear but that you just can't write, please contact me and let's start the conversation.