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“You are an exceptional talent, Liberty! And I love that writing is in your core. It's in you to give. It's your passion! It's your will. And damn it YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER!! :)”
— Christina Smith, Alberta

“Liberty Forrest is one of those authors whose work you cannot put down once you've started to read. She has shared with me the first three chapters of her current project and I'm already hooked. She has the knack of drawing in her readers as she weaves her story.”
— Chris Hughes, Huntingdon UK

“[Liberty’s writing]…is so descriptive…so powerful, so moving…guaranteed to be an extremely satisfying read!”
— Mrs Charles Senior, Bolton, England

"I believe Liberty Forrest is one of the literary geniuses of our time. I have never read anything as wonderful in my life…spellbinding. She is a truly remarkable woman and writer.
— Pat Bradley, Cheshire, England

“A very inspirational book. The characters pull you right into the story and keep you reading. I laughed, cried, and was in awe. Truly a wonderful writer!”
— Melinda L. Clarkson, Oregon, USA

“So fantastic, I didn’t want [Liberty’s book] to end!”
— Katie McAlindon, Kettering, UK

"I had the pleasure of working with Liberty while she worked on a feature cover story for the Brighter Business Empower Magazine [and Copy Editor in other issues]. My business partner and I were blown away at Liberty's final copy. She has an amazing talent for taking all of the information and creating a very compelling story. I can't say enough about Liberty's work ethic as well as her amazing writing talents.”
—Sheri Bruneau, Calgary

"Liberty, I simply had to write and thank you sincerely for … being an intelligent, articulate writer who refuses to conform…An accurate and astoundingly astute piece again from the legendary Liberty!! I really enjoyed it.

"The best thing about your work is the honesty, I respect it. I adore your work.”
— Emma Passingham, UK

"Liberty is an amazing story teller.  I've had the privilege to work with Liberty on several projects. She has an incredible ability to transcribe an interview and turn it into a phenomenal story. She's been my go-to writer for cover stories in the Brighter Business Empower Magazine.

"She's also shared her creative flare for our marketing profiles. I absolutely love reading anything Liberty writes."

— Christina Rowsell - Editor In Chief Brighter Business Empower Magazine / Owner Christina Rowsell Media Solutions

“OMG - you're a genius! THANK YOU so much for proof reading and making the necessary changes. I know I could NEVER had written it the way you did, Liberty.  You truly have a gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I'll be packing chocolates when we finally meet ;)

“Awesome job!”
— Sheri Bruneau, Calgary

“Many thanks for your intense efforts…I really appreciate it. When I first heard you on [Radio] QR770, I was excited to hear that you offered this service.
“What you have delivered far exceeds my expectations!! Thank you!”
— Stephen Gale, Alberta