Let Me Help You Write Your Story!

You might have been writing for years but keeping it a secret. Perhaps you've been writing in a journal. Maybe even a blog (possibly an anonymous one!). But now you know it's time to share your story with others and get it out into the world.

Below are the options I'm offering to help you do just that!

And if you would like to share your story online via audio interview, click here to apply.


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Work with me for eight weeks and work on such areas as these:

  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Be a more descriptive writer
  • Practice writing and get feedback
  • How to develop ideas
  • Develop clarity and focus
  • Organize thoughts to help make your points
  • Learn ways to improve self-expression
  • Learn tricks to make your writing more exciting for the reader
  • Develop the discipline to write

Level 1 - via e-mail only
Level 2 - includes weekly video consultation

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option 2


Work with me for either three months or six months and with my guidance and your commitment, your story will be written!*

This package includes:

  • Everything in Option 1 but more in-depth
  • Twelve one-hour video consultations (weekly or bi-weekly depending on three- or six-month choice)
  • Developing an outline
  • Working on organization
  • Creating the structure of your story
  • Developing your story arc
  • Working on removing your blocks, obstacles and challenges
  • Assisting you with deepening the emotion in your story
  • Learning how to pace your story
  • Weeding out what isn't necessary and extrapolating the best bits
  • Developing your personal writing style so your story is told in your voice
  • And more...
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Coaching you through writing your story is an emotionally intimate, and powerful journey that we will take together. It is also highly rewarding! 

However, you might appreciate having extra support between consultations, just to ensure that you have clarity about your next steps, and to help you stay on track and focused.*

This can help you to get the most out of your coaching process.

This package includes:

  • Everything in both Options 1 and 2
  • Up to twelve 30-minute check-in conversations during the months of your chosen consultation package
  • Lots of email support
  • Written summary of each consultation 
  • Written summary of the "homework" and goals that we set during each consultation
  • Information on various self-publishing options to help you decide on the best course of action
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